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Why is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) So Important?


There are about 650 million websites on the internet. Which also means getting discovered without a proper guidance in highly unlikely. Even though you have a great website, there are chances that the internet already has thousands of better optimised, search engine friendly websites. Luckily, it does not have to stay this way. All you…

BigCommerce Template Designer Developer Vendor Reseller – Are you looking for one?

Are you looking for BigCommerce Template Designer Developer Vendor or a Reseller to work on your BigCommerce project? We at Netventure have been customizing Interspire (the self-hosted) version of BigCommerce since 2009 and have been big fans of Interspire and have signed up to be an authorised reseller or vendor. Since then. Having worked on…

Google Search Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World is introduced as a way to socialize your search results. Ofcourse the data for this comes from Google+ Here are the features Personal Results – Brings Google+ photos and pictures to the search results. Profiles in Search Brings people’s profiles into the search results so that you can find or…

Adsense Publisher Toolbar – A Chrome Extension To Keep Track Of Your Adsense Account

Google recently released a new Chrome extension called AdSense Publisher Toolbar, which allows you to see a snapshot of your earnings and account performance while you’re viewing your site. It also includes ad overlays that describe the recent performance of specific ad units. For more info on the extension at Inside AdSense blog.

Google Adsense Electronic Funds Transfer

Was going through the latest Google Adsense Newsletter and got excited when I saw “Start using Electronic Funds Transfer to receive your payments” Went ahead and checked the list of countries supported. India is not in the list. How about you?

How to start my own affiliate network or add affiliate tracking to site for in-house affiliate program?

How to start my own affiliate network or add affiliate tracking to site for in-house affiliate program? If you want to start your own affiliate network quickly will be an option. The other options are idevaffiliate – hitpath – directtrack – post affiliate pro – We can help you in…

How much bid per click – Adwords, MSN, Yahoo or any PPC Ad Network?

How much to bid? This is an often asked question. Ideally it should be based on the lifetime value of your customer. If you can’t calculate or rather if you are not in a position to calculate life time value of a customer then here are some thumb rules 1/3rd t0 1/2 of the Google…

Adwords PPC Daily Budget Rules

Set realistic daily budget -ie. based on what you can afford to spend It should be set to allow you to generate enough clicks and gather valuable data. For conservative daily budgets use exact match keywords or exact match and phrase match. If you are using broad match – make sure that you watch your…

URL Canonicalization – HTML Element to Address Duplicate Content Onsite

Canonical Element was added a while go in 2009 by Google,Yahoo and Bing as a solution to on-site duplicate content. For eg. if you have the following URLs all pointing to the same content then using canonical element you can indicate in the html code of the web page which…

Unblock or Block Search Engines in WordPress

WordPress provides the facility to block and unblock search engines like Google. Following picture is self descriptive. Block or Unblock Search Engines Need help with installation,configuration or customization of your WordPress site? Please get in touch.