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URL Canonicalization – HTML Element to Address Duplicate Content Onsite

Canonical Element was added a while go in 2009 by Google,Yahoo and Bing as a solution to on-site duplicate content. For eg. if you have the following URLs all pointing to the same content then using canonical element you can indicate in the html code of the web page which…

eBay Acquires Magento

eBay Acquires Magento ebay agrees to acquire magento/ Good or Bad?

Recommended PHP, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, JQuery, Magento, WordPress Tutorials

If you are looking for a start with PHP,JQuery,Magento,Wordpress etc here are come recommended resources Who Needs University-nettuts PHP Video Tutorial-Free Videos and Paid Videos on CakePHP,Shopping Cart Programming,Building a Database Driven Website,Job Website, Building a CMS in CakePHP etc

Automate Magento Shopping Cart – Product Import Script

A script for automating product feed import into a Magento shop has been developed recently. Following were the requirements Download and process .txt files from another server(merchant) via FTP. Only latest files have to be picked up via FTP. The files will have a date suffix to help the FTP script to identify which ones…