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Why Google Ads over SEO?

If you wish to advertise business online, you have two choices to do so – SEO and Google Ads. While both these channels will help you get on top of the search results, they are two very different entities and work in their own way. Both SEO and Google Ads can be monitored, designed strategically, and implemented to get a good ranking in the search results and companies across verticals have utilized the two for good and have succeeded in getting good search engine rankings. But when it comes to your business, which one do you choose? Does SEO suit better for your business model or will Google Ads give you’re the desired results?

As a leading advertising agency, Netventure has been helping businesses drive website traffic through strategic development and implementation of Google Ads and we can say with confidence that Google Ads has upped its number game and is being seen as the next best thing to increase traffic to your website. With dedicated efforts, the right strategy, and targeted implementation, businesses can enjoy increased traffic and lead conversion.

Difference between Google Ads and SEO


Both Google Ads and SEO are different, but they work in a complementary manner. SEO optimization means making your website more appealing to your customers. This is not only done by inserting keywords and optimizing the content but all other material in your website including its layout, videos, and infographics.

Google Ads, on the other hand, are more like online advertising. So, you get paid every time a user clicks on the ad you have created. The ads get visible to users who type in the targeted keyword so that useful and informative ads are displayed to those who are interested in that particular topic. This means that Google Ads provide visibility to your business through keywords even before you SEO optimize your website. This is why Google Ads are being considered the thing of the future to drive more attention from your customers. Once it is done, SEO can take things further.

Advantages of Google Ads

To advertise business online, targeted advertising always works better than other forms of marketing strategies. And the same is the case with Google Ads. With them, you can drive more traffic to your website, be more visible, sell more products, convert more leads, and a lot more. While it sounds very easy, it requires correct strategy and implementation. But there is no doubt that it provides plenty of advantages, including:

Why choose Netventure for Google Ads services?

Google Ads might be an efficient and effective way of gaining more visibility online, but it requires aggressive optimization, constant testing, evolving strategy, and continuous monitoring to get the best results. And we, at Netventure, provide you with just that. Known as one of the best Google Ads Agency, Netventure’s team of expert professionals ensure that your Google Ads campaign is designed after thoroughly going through your business requirements so that every single ad is optimized efficiently.

Choosing Netventure as your Google Ads campaign partner offers several advantages including:

As your Google Ads management company, we put in all the right efforts to advertise business online. We start with understanding your business and follow it up with creating a robust strategy that covers every single aspect of where your Google Ads can be targeted. This ensures that all bases are covered and you don’t lose out on any customers. And we do this with a promise to deliver the best results, every single time.

Our services

From keyword research and competitor ads analysis, campaign creation, detailed reporting, to effective paid search campaign design, etc we provide a comprehensive package with our Google Ads services. Some of our services also include: 

Google Ads is one of the most effective tools for driving more traffic to your website and targeting eager customers through strategic advertising. Google Ads are more effective and faster than SEO and thus they are being utilized across the globe for better results. But having said that, getting the best results from Google Ads is not all that easy. It requires a professional approach, dedicated efforts, correct understating of the market and the businesses, and constant analysis of your work. Unless all these things are done correctly, your efforts will be in vain. This is why it is important to hire an experienced agency that helps advertise business online in the most effective manner. If you wish to do that, choose Netventure for optimized results.