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The automotive sector is amongst the most competitive industries in the world, growing leaps, and bounds every year. The more competitive the market, the harder you need to push your brand to attract more customers. Driven by brand loyalty, the auto industry is often regarded as one of the most demanding markets to penetrate. Every family has a favorite automotive brand, and they invariably choose it when shopping for a new vehicle. However, nothing is unachievable if you do things right. Today, a well-designed, optimized, and rich website can win over any customer base – irrespective of the industry. And this is what NetVenture – the leading automotive dealership website development agency in Kerala does.

Why do you need a website that is tailor-made for automobile dealerships?

There is no denying that brand loyalty motivates customers in the automobile sector and that each purchasing choice is influenced by research, product comparison, and information from reliable sources. And your website could be that source that your customers turn to when making a buying decision. An official website is considered a trusted source of information by customers, which is why most global brands emphasize having a good-looking, information-rich website. Although the right combination of images and content can be visually appealing, it is the flawless user experience—such as the online booking option and carefully placed call-to-actions that can turn a visitor into a customer. Again, that is something only a perfect car dealership website can provide. These elements help existing customers remain loyal to a brand and win over potential new ones.

Think with Google states

95% of car shoppers use digital media as the main source of information
60% of automotive searches come from mobile devices

Different Phases of the Buyer Journey

Google experts have outlined the five phases consumers go through when looking to purchase a car.

  • Phase I – The consumer seeks out the best brand available. In this case, digital branding can significantly raise brand awareness and recognition.
  • Phase II – Once consumers are familiar with the brand, they determine if the car suits their demands and way of life. They prefer to read up on features and seek out informative content. That is where a high-ranking website with rich content comes into play.
  • Phase III – This is a crucial phase where the consumer evaluates their buying decision. Many potential customers tend to back out at this phase which significantly reduces the number of prospects left for conversions. They must be persuaded or convinced to buy, and the purchasing procedure must be as simple as possible. A website with an online buying feature can help increase the number of conversions by tapping the customers’ impulsiveness to buy.
  • Phase IV – The remaining customers are in the process of purchasing at this point, but they search for car dealerships nearby. You require strong search engine visibility at this point.
  • Phase V – After looking for discounts and offers, the customer is now at a phase where they want to finalize the purchase. Advertisements about deals and offers help close the buying process.

Apart from all that, an efficient Automotive Dealership Website delivers several other benefits:

  • Provides easy navigation to customers so that they find the required information easily
  • The right design aesthetics create the right impression
  • Video elements on the website increase engagement
  • Reach a wide-ranging customer base through a mobile-optimized website
  • A high-ranking website gives out a sense of authenticity and trust

Smart is the new normal!
Wouldn’t you love to have a full-fledged website for your company that is:

  • Responsive, modern-looking, and purpose-built
  • Brings a classy image to everyone associated
  • At the top of search engine results for relevant queries
  • Loads faster and is mobile friendly
  • Gives a clear, comprehensive list of your products and services in an easy-to-understand manner
  • Lets your customers find you and contact you

To sum up, a great website will help you increase your brand visibility and thus bring more business.
Have you considered the chance of a website with advanced features like online vehicle and service booking that could transform a standard website into a fully equipped virtual showroom?

Why Netventure?

The benefits of having an automotive website are clear-cut. However, which Automotive Website Design Service provider you choose will determine the success of your website.It is what we, Netventure – the leading automotive website developers in Kerala can provide. We are a team of expert professionals having years of experience in automotive dealership website design and development.It was NetVenture that first developed the online car booking system in Kerala for the Popular Nexa dealerships. From our 17 years of industry experience and knowledge from working with the esteemed Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations of India (FADA) and major dealerships across all sectors (two-wheelers, passenger vehicles, and commercialvehicles) like:

With a large customer base and a sizable repertoire of work in the auto industry, we have developed a deep understanding of this sector, allowing us to create websites that perfectly fit your requirements. We have developed a platform – AXLR8, a tailor-made, turn-key solution for businesses like yours, which could help tap the full potential of online sales. It includes sophisticated features such as:

Our Happy Clients Say

Automotive website design and development companies

Our automotive website design services ensure that your brand gets the proper visibility, audience attention, and ROI.

As the most sought-after automotive website developer in Kerala, we also provide:

An Effective Structural Design

A website without a proper structure will not yield the desired results. We provide structural solutions that increase traffic, guide visitors toward the right path, and increase sales/inquiries.

Unique, Custom Website Design

A visually appealing design is one of the most important criteria for an effective website. We ensure that the website’s design is not just visually appealing but is also easy to navigate, draws potential clients, and ensures business growth.

Compatible On All Devices

Creating a responsive website is a vital facet of a successful website, and we create a highly-functional responsive website so that it provides an equally desirable browsing experience on mobiles and tablets alike.

Built On Latest Tech

We have built the AXLR8 platform on Laravel PHP framework with an assured life span of up to five years. Also, thanks to the robust coding, the website has a near-zero vulnerability to malware/phishing attacks.


We can help you transform your regular website into a money-making virtual showroom!
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Frequently Asked Questions about Automotive Website Design

The automobile industry is one of the most competitive industries in the world right now. The sheer competitiveness requires automobile dealers to continuously find new ways to connect with their potential buyers and convince them to do business with them. Statistics say that an average car buyer spends 15 hours researching and 11 hours of them are spent online. This means that having a website is one of the most effective ways of engaging with customers. Through a well-designed website, you can provide important information, collect data, connect with customers personally through various digital marketing methods, and a lot more. With an automobile website, you can create reputation management, constantly engage with your customers, benefit from SEO and PPC campaigns, improve conversions and get trackable results.

Doing business has undergone a revolutionary change. Even though in-person marketing still holds true, a major part of the automotive business has gone digital. This transformation has been a result of the available resources and the ease of finding the right information at your fingertips. It is believed that 90 percent of automobile customers do online research before making a purchase. If you don’t have a digital presence, you stand to lose out on a majority of your customers. From having a great-looking website to making use of digital marketing strategies, almost every automotive brand is utilizing these tools to their benefit. It is not only important to go the digital marketing way, but it is almost imperative for automotive industry insiders to use them to get business. If you still haven’t hopped on to this bandwagon, it is time you did so.

The automotive industry is changing at a rapid pace and dealers must keep themselves abreast with the changing trends to keep themselves relevant. Some of the digital marketing trends that will continue to rule in the coming future are – mobile optimization, B2B Marketing, mapping and customer experience, better customer service, personalized video integration, customization, etc. Through these digital marketing strategies, automobile dealers can look at connecting with their customers in a more personalized manner and provide them with highly customized and timely services. With the kind of competition that the automotive industry is going through, it would be rather difficult to do without adapting to these digital marketing trends.

Having a website for a car dealership is not enough. It should have the right elements that will make for better customer engagement. It should have a clean layout that is free of distractions and provides a user-friendly and fluid experience. It should be optimized for local SEO so that you get the maximum traction from customers in your area. It should provide a comprehensive view of all the cars that are available to you in addition to the right information about each one of them. The website should also include high-quality images and video content so that the customers can look at the products in the best way possible. These apart, an about us and contact us page is also necessary so that the customers get the required information about you as a dealer. While the design of the website is important to make the right impression, it should also be responsive so that the customers have an equally great browsing experience, no matter which device they use.

Designing a great website requires thorough research, planning, and execution. Normally, it takes a couple of months to develop a website that is effective, efficient, and rightly optimized for the automotive industry. However, if you don’t have that kind of time luxury, you can look at hiring an automobile website design and development service provider who will dedicatedly work on your project and ensure the website is designed and ready well within your desired time period. Utilizing such services will also ensure that your website is designed in a way that fulfills all your business requirements. Hiring an automobile website design and development team will also provide the best results as the team will develop a unique website for your business with all the elements integrated required to make a website functional and business-friendly.


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