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Heartland Payment System With Virtuemart – A Challenging Project

Recently we finished HPS payment gateway integration with Joomla-Virtuemart. It was a challenge in itself as HPS systems are not allowed to be accessed from outside the US. So we had to come up with this innovative idea of setting up a PC in US with logmeinpro to test and integrate the code we developed….

Use footprints to get more backlinks

One of my favourite ways to find more backlink opportunities is to use spammers footprints. Spammers often use the same id to post backlinks to hundreds of sites and this id/handle they use could often be used as a foot print to find all the blogs/sites they have posted links to. Enter this id into…

How to find competitors backlinks

Using a webservice like backlinkwatch.com (free) or magesticseo.com (paid) or Tool like SEOSpyGlass or Scrapebox

Top Blog Advertising Networks

BlogAds.com Smorty.com PayingPost.com Sponsored Reviews Blogvertise.com

Top Open Source CRM Solutions

SugarCRM Compiere (Consona) Concursive SplendidCRM vTiger XTuple

Top 10 Pay Per Click Search Engines

Google Adwords – Biggest Ad Network in the world. MSN Adcenter or Bing/Yahoo Search Marketing – A Bing and Yahoo merger makes them the second biggest player. Ask Sponsored Listings – Arguably the third largest player now after MSN/YSM merger. 7Search.com – One of the very best 2nd tier search engines available. Miva Network –…

How to move an adgroup from one campaign to another

The answer is Google Adwords Editor. The steps are as below Connect Adwords Editor to the right account. Pull down relevant campaign(s) Create a new campaign in Adwords editor with the right settings(daily budget,location,networks etc) Drag and drop the adgroup from source to target campaign. Post the changes and you are set.

Choosing a website design firm

Choosing a website design firm that will come up to your expectation is not that easy always. Here are some concrete reasons for why you should join hands with NetVenture. Net venture leaves all the sites that it commits with a signature of professionalism. Net venture has devised an integrated Search Engine-friendly Content Management System…

Getting started

It’s high time that you had a website for the service that you offer. Like anything else which is expected to reap success, a good website too needs thorough planning before its establishment. Strategy also matters. Whatever you invest initially, decides the destiny of your website. It is this investment that helps the site achieve…

How it works

The NetVenture process – creating a website: NetVenture offers quality services at an incredibly affordable rate. Professional websites and content management systems are never more ‘out of reach affairs’ for you! NetVenture team has successfully reduced the production time set up and minimized the development costs involved in creating advanced websites. Four systematic processes accounts…