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KENZA TMT Steel Bars

A partnership that witnessed things turning around for good

India is powering through an economic revival with most industries witnessing a boom despite a majority of the world, especially Europe, reeling under the impact of the recession. And the construction industry is one such industry that has seen a steep rise in demand in the last few years. The construction industry relied on a lot of raw materials that built a strong foundation for all the buildings. Elements like TMT bars, carbon steel, structural steel, steel frames, concrete drips, etc form a solid structural support for buildings of all sizes and shapes. These important structural elements are the lifeline of the construction industry. And providing unwavering support through best-quality TMT steel bars to some of the top-most construction companies in India is KENZA. The brand has become one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in Kerala due to its unmatched product quality, and the legacy it has built through trust and hard effort.

However, one aspect that KENZA lacked was its website, a tool in today’s day and age that opens your door to the world. KENZA’s website lacked some basic elements that made it difficult for it to perform as nicely as it should. Though the website is due for a complete revamp, upon the client’s request we resolved the issues for the time being and brought the best out of it.


One of the main aims of KENZA has been providing the most excellent products with a proven benchmark of the finest quality at the most affordable prices. Led by PK Moideen Koya and Mujeeb Rahaman, who converted their domain experience to expertise in construction and development projects and developed the company, KENZA has been in the industry for 28 years. And the company has not only grown in size and stature, but it has also diversified into doing bigger and better things. Kenza has now grown as a socially committed organization, adding goodness in providing education and health support to the needy, and a home for the poor. This makes Kenza an organization of par excellence.

Netventure’s role in KENZA’s online success

No matter the industry, today’s businesses must have a strong online presence. In today’s digitally dominating world, your brand must enjoy a high rank on search engines to reach out to a wide customer base. Several studies have shown that any business with a strong online presence has a much higher chance of increasing its customer base as more and more people are now searching online for all kinds of services. 

Netventure provided the best digital marketing and web design and development strategy to KENZA, and the results are for everyone to see. When KENZA approached us in October 2022 for SEO-related work, we observed that the website was not only SEO-unfriendly, it didn’t have a strong user experience character either. And even though the client was happy with their previous interface, we were able to make them understand what was missing. We also noticed that the website did not have an SSL Certificate (domain security issue). We educated them about the importance of an SSL Certificate and got it done for them. 

As their digital marketing and web design and development partner, we worked closely with KENZA to understand their market, their customers, and the kind of position and brand image they wanted to create for themselves. Accordingly, we devised our strategies and plans so that they match perfectly with the client’s requirements. Some of the highlights of our work with KENZA are that we worked extensively on the backend with an SEO perspective and fixed the domain security issues while maintaining the user interface.

We are a team of expert professionals who know the game well. From expert digital marketing specialists to experienced web design and development designers, we provide complete 360-degree solutions. We take every project as a new challenge and develop new strategies for every client, unlike many of our competitors who work on templated solutions. 

Leveraging the latest trends and technology, we ensure that our solutions deliver the right results. Our designs are responsive, modern, and easy to navigate while being laced with the best-quality images and content. This makes the website more search engine friendly. 

Knowledge, expertise, and technical know-how

KENZA is part of an industry that runs on brand image. And this is what we provided them with a perfectly designed and marketed website. By using the best SEO strategies, our solutions were so impressive that KENZA signed a one-year SEO contract with us. Such has been the impact of our services that their website is now high on performance and super-fast to load. 

Through this collaboration, Netventure has added yet another feather in our cap and we are really proud of this particular project. When KENZA approached us, their website required a lot of work. Even though KENZA is a popular and known brand, their website didn’t reflect that grandeur or status. We provided that with our impeccable design sense while also making the website more user-friendly, SEO optimized and a top-notch performer in the search engine results. 

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