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Nestled in the lap of pristine forests near Wayanad is a tranquil abode for those who love living the slow life, close to nature. Wake up to the chirping birds, listen to the water flow all day long, and take a walk down the forest to enjoy nature at its best at LanternStay – a beautifully crafted facility for a perfect vacation.

Our city lives are marred by a constant rush that never ends. Be it the rush of reaching the office in the morning or rushing home after a day-long deadline chase, our bodies and mind require a break from this fast-paced life. The rush in which almost all of us are living has taken away the tiny pleasures and joys of what nature can provide. This is what LanternStay is all about. Leave your worries behind and spend a few days in the middle of a beautiful oasis that provides a peaceful getaway from the conundrum of urban life. With delicious food, amazing facilities, and hospitality, LanterStay will make you forget all your worries and help you meet with your inner self.

Well, it is true that there is a humble and comfy abode situated deep inside the forest in Wayanad. But how do you come to know about it? What if you wish to take a video tour or visit their photo gallery before making a booking? You are most comfortable doing online reservations rather than taking the pain of picking up the phone and booking a deal for yourself. Fret not – they have a lovely, interactive, and feature-filled website that lets you do all of that. Be it going for a virtual tour, making the reservations, knowing more about the hotel, the facilities they provide, how to get there, and more – their website is a one-stop destination for a perfect holiday. And Netventure – a leading digital marketing and web development company, and LanterStay’s digital partner for eleven years have been the force behind establishing them as a unique getaway for nature lovers.

About LanternStay

LanternStay was born with the idea of providing a tranquil vacation to those looking to spend some time close to nature. And over the years, LanternStay has provided a number of its customers with an unparalleled experience at its facility. Be it living amidst dense forest land in luxurious suits, enjoying a romantic getaway with a honeymoon package, living in tents, or exploring the natural beauty of the vicinity in tree houses, LanternStay provides it all.

It is a perfect getaway for those who wish to leave their worries aside and enjoy living in the lap of nature. To make your stay more exciting, LanternStay also provides several activities like guided trekking, forest camping, plantation tour, bonfire, bird watching, badminton courts, etc. There is never a dull moment when you are at LanternStay. Be it a family outing or a romantic weekend, there is a lot to enjoy here.


Netventure – A Digital Marketing Partner Providing The Right Impetus

Some partnerships last way past expectations, and Netventure – LanternStay partnership is one of them. We have been a part of LanternStay’s journey for eleven years where we have worked together to create some amazing milestones together. What began as an association to catapult LanternStay into a leading and desirable vacation hotspot a decade ago, has come a long way, all thanks to our clear understanding of what they seek from us. The hospitality business is all about creating a brand image that attracts the right customers by exuding elegance and elan in the online world. And keeping all their requirements in mind, we have, over the years, designed and redesigned their website to give it the face it has today.

Single-minded approach to delivering the best

Our association began at a time when websites were nothing but a collection of static images and some text. But we have come a long way by developing their website into an interactive, scalable, and responsive one where their customers can get a real feel of what the facility is all about. We have invested immensely in strategizing result-oriented marketing strategies for LanternStay so that they can position themselves as an entity that reaches and attracts the right customer base. From providing the right web design and development services to creating perfect digital marketing plans, we have done it all.

Not just that, we have also developed perfect SEO services for them, so their website remains on the top of the Google search results. A website’s ranking is primary to the success of its business and we have ensured that they remain amongst the top contenders amongst all its competitors. All this has demanded a clear understanding of the hospitality industry, its customer base, and its competitors and providing solutions that deliver results.

It's all about relationships


This long relationship between Netventure and LanternStay has been very successful as our work has positioned them as one of the leaders in their industry, and their support has helped us deliver the right results. We take a lot of pride in the fact that we have been able to serve them well, and our efforts have made a difference in their business. Our commitment to delivering results, our efforts to understand their business and its unique requirements, and our experience in digital marketing have proven to be the game-changer for LanternStay.

Knowledge, experience, and technical expertise

Our mark of success

The hospitality industry is such a competitive business that every brand must excel in its efforts of creating the right brand identity for itself. This requires correct understating of the business, years of experience, and technical expertise to achieve the desired results. And this is what Netventure has been delivering for LanternStay. For the last eleven years, we have ensured that LanternStay’s website and branding stay updated with the current trends. Through our digital marketing experience and expertise in SEO services, we have also ensured that its website continues to rank amongst the top ten in the Google search engine results. This has helped LanternStay position itself as the market leader in its category and enjoy a huge customer base.