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Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a form of medicine that India has been practicing for centuries, has taken the world by storm. With its amazing rejuvenating and healing properties, propagating healthy and simple living, and promoting both physical and mental wellness, Ayurveda is the answer to living a fulfilling life. Riding on the popularity of this century-old medicine system, India’s wellness industry has soared to an estimated Rs4900 crore and has been gaining unprecedented momentum on the back of the government’s focus on creating a healthy India.

Be it yoga, meditation, natural therapies, and herbal treatments, Ayurveda offers a life-changing experience for those who surrender themselves to it. Riding this newfound interest in Ayurveda, the number of Ayurveda wellness centers went skyrocketing in India as there has been an increasing number of foreign and local customers now showing interest in such facilities. With customers coming in from all over the world, these wellness centers are fast becoming the melting pot of cultural, economic, and medicinal exchange.

About Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda

This rise has also increased the competition in the wellness industry with each player trying to capture the rising customer base. This competitive industry now demands Ayurveda centers to position themselves in such a way that stands them apart from the rest. And having a well-designed digital identity and digital marketing strategies is what these centers require to make an impact on their customers. One such wellness center that has been the hottest wellness destination in India is Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda, an Ayurveda medicinal facility established in 1938 by Vaidyakalanidhi M.C. Mathew, the 6th generation Ayurveda practitioner in the family. And since its inception, Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda has been providing the slow life experience and wellness facilities for a large customer base in the best possible manner.

Kerala is home to several families where the knowledge of Ayurveda has been passed on from generation to generation, and the Madukkakuzhy family is one of them. Their authentic and traditional knowledge of Ayurveda sets them apart from other Ayurvedic centers in India that run on acquired knowledge. A venture that began with a humble abode in Kerala has now established a global presence with 2 centers in Germany and 1 in Abu Dhabi. The team of practitioners and healers at Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda comprises skilled personnel. Not just that, the center also prepares its own medicine at the center that is surrounded by vast natural flora and fauna.

Netventure – A nurturing Partner Towards Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda’s Growth and Popularity

The faster an industry grows, the stiffer the competition it faces. The same has been the case with the wellness industry which has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last two decades. People the world over are now adapting slow living, a lifestyle that is closer to nature and promotes naturally healthy living. It is all about creating the right balance between physical and mental health. And this is what Ayurveda supports too. In this competitive industry, Ayurveda centers across India have been trying their best to stand out and create an identity that will position them as authentic, real, and trustworthy. And digital marketing has emerged as the go-to strategy in doing so.

And creating an enviable digital presence for Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda is Netventure, a partner for a decade long partnership that has provided the right solutions and digital marketing strategies to establish its brand that stands out in the crowd of several other similar service providers. And we have been able to achieve this by understanding their philosophy, mission, values, and the kind of services they provide.

Not just that, we have also painstakingly researched the wellness industry in India and based our solutions on how it functions. From the market of the wellness industry, its customers, their expectations, and what they look for from an established Ayurveda center, we have researched it all to get a clear understanding of how things work in this sector. This understanding has given us an upper hand in providing solutions that fit just right for the Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda center. And the results are for everyone to see. It has gained immense popularity over the years and now enjoys a position as one of the leading Ayurveda centers in India.

Single-Minded Approach To Delivering The Best

The digital revolution not only allowed businesses to reach their customers quickly and beyond geographical boundaries, but also helped them create a digital presence that made an impact. This was possible to achieve through the website, a digital medium that has evolved immensely over the last two decades. From static, boring-looking websites to the more engaging and interactive ones, the website development process has undergone a sea change. And Netventure has been there with Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda at every single stage of this revolution. We have kept up with the pace of technological development and have updated their website on a timely basis so that they present their best face to the world.

That apart, we have also provided result-oriented SEO services to help Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda feature on the very first page of the Google search results. Your website’s search engine ranking is one of the most important requirements in reaching out to customers and increasing your business. And Netventure has ensured that Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda remains at the top, at all times. Our deep understanding of their business and the wellness industry has given us the right tools and strategic ideas for providing the right SEO solutions.

A Decade Long Partnership Of Result-Oriented Digital Marketing Services

Our partnership with Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda has created several satisfactory results, and it has happened through our relentless efforts to position them as a market leader. Our dedicated teamwork and deep understanding of our client’s requirements have enabled us to deliver what is required to achieve the desired results. This is yet another feat that we are proud of as we have worked hard on it, and we continue to do so even today.

“We have been associated with Netventure for years and the support has been exceptional.If you are looking for a dynamic website and a great support,they are the ones”

Alphin X Kundukulam

Marketing Manager Popular Vehicles & Services

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Creating a brand identity for a business requires a lot of determined effort. From understanding the market, knowing the customer needs to create the right digital marketing strategies, there is a lot to be done to take a business to newer heights. And this is what Netventure does. In a decade long partnership with Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda, we have implemented our technical expertise and years of experience to good use and created a brand that transcends boundaries. From developing the right kind of website to planning the perfect SEO strategies, our efforts have ensured that Madukkakuzhy Ayurveda is perceived as the leading Ayurveda center in India.