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New Vision Eye Hopsital

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As Pauolo Cohlo has said “your eyes show the strength of your soul”, we all know how important our eyes are and thereby we know the importance of eye care.
In this digitised era eye care is an essential health factor due to the huge amount of screen users that can get affect the eyes. So giving an eye care facility all the benefits of technology and advancements needed to make it digitise can actually help save lives and ensure better living. So, keeping the above mentioned statement as our solution we have come to the objective of creating a well built website for our client New Vision Hospital.

How it started?...

The New Vision hospital, an emerging eye care hospital in Kottayam that focuses on world class treatment and has state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure that is patient friendly. The hospital has expert ophthalmologists who give you professional care and expertised treatment. We were approached by such an esteemed institution regarding the creation of a website for them.Our team gathered the necessary deliverables to begin developing the website, but they were short on real images, so we sent a crew to take the shots that would later serve as the crux of the website. So with the already existing logo and the photos taken we had initiated the website building task.

How it went?...

The client asked us to build an SEO friendly website which is easily accessible to visitors and patients who need eye care, alike. So our growth team had come up with strategies that could put the website under the spotlight, analysing the competitors and generating the right SEO keywords to get the leads. So after completing one month in the process, the website was ready to go with all the SEO keywords built in and a user friendly interface that could have better traffic.