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Owning a car is a dream that most of us see and go the distance to achieve it. And when it comes to owning a perfect car, most Indians prefer Maruti Suzuki, India’s indigenous brand that has won the trust of millions of happy customers over the years. Serving customers who visit a dealership to invest in their dream car is not just about providing a set of services, but also helping them fulfill their dream in a seamless manner. What a customer expects when going to a car dealer is not just a helping hand that will provide the right guidance in choosing the right car, but also make the buying a memorable experience. And this is what Popular Vehicles and Services Limited by the Kuttukaran Group has been doing since 1984.

About the Kuttukaran Group

Founded in 1984 by the late Shri K P Paul is one of the first Maruti Suzuki dealers in India. The operations, which started in Kerala, have now expanded in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as well. The company now operates India’s sixth-largest dealership under the Arena network (by volume) and the eleventh largest selling Maruti Suzuki dealership under the Nexa network (by volume). They were ranked second in the all India dealer ranking, in terms of volume of service, for Maruti Suzuki (Arena and Nexa) in the financial year 2021.

The group is known for its comprehensive service that includes a full lifecycle of vehicle ownership. From operating 6 driving schools, retailing new vehicles through 8 Arena and 5 Nexa Dealerships, servicing and repairing vehicles through their 48 dedicated service centers, distributing spare parts, to facilitating the sale or exchange of pre-owned vehicles through 22 outlets and facilitation of the sale of third-party finance and insurance products.

Holding the Platinum Band of Arena Dealership, Popular Vehicles and Services Limited is known for its top-notch service, customer experience, and reliable delivery of brand new cars. Not just that, the company also recently launched a virtual showroom that enables customers to explore and experience different models (both interiors and exteriors) from the comfort of their homes or offices. Their Customer Relationship Centers provide uninterrupted services to its customers solving their queries and grievances promptly.

Netventure’s role in the growth of Kuttukaran Group

Netventure has been with Popular Vehicles and Services Limited for a considerable time since 2014, marking its growth as a leading dealership and cementing its digital presence as a market leader. From developing strategic online marketing plans, establishing their unique digital identity, escalating their achievements, and taking them to a wide range of customers, we have done it all. A partnership that started with a vision of bringing a digital revolution in the way Popular Vehicles and Services Limited is perceived online, Netventure has successfully delivered all its promises.

Our team of digital experts has provided timely upgrades to their website, developed strategic marketing plans for creating their unique business identity, and have worked relentlessly to establish them as a market leader. Our team has dedicated itself to the growth of Popular Vehicles and Services Limited right from the moment we came on board with the company. Be it innovating marketing plans, updating, and upgrading their websites to provide the right SEO services, our team has gone the distance in understanding their vision, mission, and values to reach their customers in the right way.

We have struck a long-term partnership with Popular Vehicles and Services Limited to embark on a journey that moves towards their betterment. Our digital marketing efforts have helped them establish themselves as the market leader across the country. We have ensured that our hard work, commitment, and strategic alliance reflect their mission and vision perfectly in the digital space. We provide a comprehensive digital marketing package that takes care of everything – from marketing plans, website optimization, web development, design, content creation, and content marketing.






Single-minded approach to delivering the best

Every business is unique, and so are its requirements. The kind of marketing strategies and digital solutions required must be created keeping the industry, market value, and the customers in mind. And this is where Netventure aces its game. Our in-depth knowledge of the automobile dealership industry has helped us create perfect solutions for Popular Vehicles and Services Limited. We have kept ourselves abreast with the changing industry trends, challenges, and customer expectations so that we can provide them with the best solutions.

Our efforts have yielded the right results, and we are proud to say that we have been an integral part of the success of Popular Vehicles and Services Limited. Our objective to each of our clients is to help them outperform their competitors and become market leaders. We make sure that we dive deep into our client’s needs, design the solutions accordingly and then implement them to perfection. Because of this, we have become one of the most sought-after digital partners for a wide range of businesses, both locally and internationally.

It's all about relationships


We have been with the group in its journey for 7 years, a partnership that has helped Popular Maruti scale new heights and create a digital persona that reflects its true identity and reach the right customers. Our web development teams have gone the distance in clearly understanding their values, mission, and vision to deliver digital marketing solutions that are perfectly in sync with their business model and brand image. Keeping up with the changing online trends and technological advances, our teams have ensured that Popular Maruti remains a leading identity in the transport and logistics industry and continues to cater to its customers in the best possible manner. Our timely updates of the website, design innovations, and development of usable features on their website have yielded the right results and we are proud to be a major contributor to their digital journey.

“We have been associated with Netventure for years and the support has been exceptional.If you are looking for a dynamic website and a great support,they are the ones”

Alphin X Kundukulam

Marketing Manager Popular Vehicles & Services

Knowledge, experience, and technical expertise

Our mark of success

Be it the physical space for business or the virtual world, the customers are increasingly becoming more and more demanding. It is not just about serving them well anymore. It is about providing an experience through a combination of physical and digital experiences. This is only possible when a business has the right digital presence. While having a website is the most essential and basic need for businesses to connect with their customers online, there is a lot more that needs to be done to stand out from the crowd and provide a customer experience that keeps them coming back for more. This is what Netventure, as Popular Vehicles and Services Limited’s digital partner have been delivering. Netventure’s strategic partnership to position Popular Vehicles and Services Limited as a leader in its market has provided the company the much-needed impetus as well as helped them reach a much wider customer base.