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About Popy

The brand Popy came into the existence under the guidance of Davis Thayyil. And under his leadership, the brand scaled new heights and achieved several other milestones. Now, the youngest generation of the family is actively participating in the family business, bringing newer insights, a modern outlook, and interesting ways of doing business. While Popy manufactures umbrellas for people of all age groups, their primary customer base comprises children. And this is why the involvement of the newer generation has been of primary importance in their business.

To attract customers of all age groups, Popy has heavily invested in modernizing the designs and usability of their umbrellas. Not only do they use exciting and interesting motifs, but also make good use of cartoon characters and superhero images to make their umbrellas a hit with the kids. Not just that, they have also used technology and innovation to make umbrellas much more convenient to use. They have developed 150 types of umbrellas in the last 19 years featuring ultra-violet silver coating, water-repellent technology, wind-proof technology, and even uni-chrome gold plating to prevent rust. Over the years, they also introduced umbrellas with GPS trackers, a selfie stick umbrella, and even one with Bluetooth connectivity that could allow people to attend calls and listen to music through the handle of the umbrella. Such kind of innovation has never been seen in India.

Netventure - Helping brand Popy become a leader in the digital marketplace

For most people in Kerala, an umbrella is a must-have accessory during the monsoon. While it has been one of the most widely used things to save yourself from getting drenched during seasonal rains, it has also become a fashion statement in recent years. Gone are the days when umbrellas were nothing, but monochromatic accessories people used to carry around. They are now available in bright colors, exciting prints, and user-friendly designs that add more to your monsoon wardrobe. And one brand that has revolutionized the humble umbrella is Popy, a leading umbrella brand in Kerala. From its inception in 1995, Popy has provided a never-like-before makeover to umbrellas, making them extremely popular amongst their customers. Their style, ease of use, and versatility have made them a household item. And they continue to scale new heights of popularity.

With their growing popularity, the business has also grown multi-fold over the last few years as Popy has been able to capture the customer imagination with its unique products. But this unprecedented isn’t the result of luck or chance, Popy has worked its way up by producing innovative umbrellas, an achievement that only a handful of competitors have been able to do. However, there is another important factor that has played a crucial role in Popy’s journey over the years. It’s the partnership between Popy and Netventure – Popy’s digital marketing partner that has taken the brand’s popularity and reach to another level and made Popy a household name.



How Netventure made Popy a household name

The business landscape in India has changed quite rapidly in the last few years. While the traditional ways of doing business still exist, any business looking to scale up and maximize its reach must resort to digital means. We are living in a digital world where technology plays a vital role in the way businesses are perceived. From brand building, reaching out to new customers, shopping, increasing sales, and a lot more, digital platforms are the mainstay. And it is nearly impossible to maximize your business without being part of this digital revolution.

And this is what Netventure provided through a complete overhaul of their website. Popy’s original website lacked most of the modern features. Neither was it professionally designed nor was it mobile optimized. Whatever features it had, were outdated, and yielded no results. The only online business it did was through third-party eCommerce platforms that charged them hefty commissions. But Netventure turned things around for the website with some smart and strategic implementation of modern features that not only make a website visually appealing but also make it SEO and business-friendly.

We are a team of expert website designers and developers along with an experienced team of content developers and SEO professionals. We took extra efforts to understand the customer demographics of Popy, their business, and the competitors. Based on the research and in-depth knowledge, we designed and strategized the overhauling of their website. From making it SEO-friendly, responsive, and visually appealing by adding exciting and modern design elements, to creating best-quality content, the new and refurbished Popy website is a prime example of what a modern website should look like.

That apart, Netventure developed Popy’s own eCommerce website so that they can retain all the profit that they were, hitherto giving away as commission. Through all these efforts, the brand was able to establish itself as a market leader not only in the physical marketplace but in the digital marketplace as well. This newly positioned, more optimized, and visible brand has witnessed a considerable rise in its sales, all thanks to the efforts made by our teams.

We take pride in the fact that we have been able to give an already popular brand a new lease of life in the digital domain, marking its emergence as a leader in cyberspace. Our efforts not only increased their business but also took their brand to a whole new customer base.