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VSM Hospital

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As the foundation of societal progress and well-being, healthcare is of utmost importance in today’s world. So in a digital era, how is this possible? How do the healthcare providers or the institute get connected to the people in the digital world or how is it done to get visibility? Let’s find the solution with the help of one of our clients, VSM Hospital, as an example.

VSM Hospital at Mavelikara, Kerala, is an esteemed institution within the healthcare sector with the reputation of being multi-speciality and having prolific healthcare specialists who are deemed to give the best services to their patients. The hospital has varied departments that have provides access to all sect of patients. But with the rise of the digital era, the hospital was getting little to no patients through online appointments and digitalised reaches, all due to their lack of an attractive and visitor-dwelling website.


Last year it came to our team’s notice that VSM Hospital, one of the prestigious healthcare institutions lacks an interactive and sportive website. So our growth team consulted VSM and gave a plan of action with regard to website creation. We promised VSM a well-rounded website with a contemporary design that is interactive and patient-friendly. Since then we have commenced the revamping of the website and our digital marketing team was analysing the growth of the website at every point of the process. Putting up different design works that would essentially be the right one and ideating various plans to mend the digital topography of the hospital. As time went by we also analysed the competitors and strategized different methods and techniques to bring VSM to the spotlight.

Three months have passed and the website was developed with all the necessary strategies to make it more attractive and patient-friendly. In this period of three months, the team coordinated with the team in VSM in ideation and understanding their specifications and the reach they are looking forward to.
Old Website
New Website

The Result

Now the website, with its new outlook, is getting an increased reach within the digital space from the day the website has been introduced, skyrocketing towards 51 leads by the mid of May from just 20 leads in the whole month of April.