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Adsense Publisher Toolbar – A Chrome Extension To Keep Track Of Your Adsense Account

Google recently released a new Chrome extension called AdSense Publisher Toolbar, which allows you to see a snapshot of your earnings and account performance while you’re viewing your site. It also includes ad overlays that describe the recent performance of specific ad units. For more info on the extension at Inside AdSense blog.

Google Adsense Electronic Funds Transfer

Was going through the latest Google Adsense Newsletter and got excited when I saw “Start using Electronic Funds Transfer to receive your payments” Went ahead and checked the list of countries supported. http://support.google.com/adsense/bin/answer.py?hl=en-GB&answer=1316748#IT India is not in the list. How about you?

How to start my own affiliate network or add affiliate tracking to site for in-house affiliate program?

How to start my own affiliate network or add affiliate tracking to site for in-house affiliate program? If you want to start your own affiliate network quickly http://www.hasoffers.com/ will be an option. The other options are idevaffiliate – http://www.idevdirect.com hitpath – http://www.hitpath.com directtrack – http://www.directtrack.com/ post affiliate pro – http://www.qualityunit.com/postaffiliatepro/ We can help you in…

How much bid per click – Adwords, MSN, Yahoo or any PPC Ad Network?

How much to bid? This is an often asked question. Ideally it should be based on the lifetime value of your customer. If you can’t calculate or rather if you are not in a position to calculate life time value of a customer then here are some thumb rules 1/3rd t0 1/2 of the Google…

Adwords PPC Daily Budget Rules

Set realistic daily budget -ie. based on what you can afford to spend It should be set to allow you to generate enough clicks and gather valuable data. For conservative daily budgets use exact match keywords or exact match and phrase match. If you are using broad match – make sure that you watch your…

Adsense Ads Now Loads Faster

Google claims to have made the show_ads.js script faster making billions of webpages showing adsense load those ads faster. Adsense is a factor in slow loading of some pages, around 12% of the page load time. The page should load half a second faster. Adsense publishers don’t have to upload new code since the change…

Where to place your ads or call to action for best effect

Have you ever wondered which are the ideal places on a page for placing the ads or call to action? Here is the answer from Google for a sample layout. Needless to say Google insists on putting the users first. Here is tool to show click heat map of web pages ClickHeat Map If you…

Men are better buyers

I have been analyzing a PPC campaign for over a month and find that keywords variations with “for men” convert better than those with “for women”. ie. The keyword widgets for men converts better than widgets for women This is particularly true for higher ticket items. What does it mean, men are more impulsive buyers…

Adsense CTR Down? Look at CTR Theme

Is your Adsense CTR down? Then we recommend you look at Adsense CTR theme. Without violating any terms and conditions you could easily improve your CTR with this theme. One of the sites where we tested this the CTR went up by over 300% Give it a go and let us know how it goes….

Top Consumer Review Sites

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