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CCNOW Interspire Integration

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Interspire Shopping Cart doesn’t provide an out of the box interface with CCNOW and we had to develop a module from scratch for this. So, if you are looking for a quick solution to integrate CCNOW with Interspire please get it touch.

If you are wondering what Interspire is , it is in our opinion the best commercial open source shopping cart software.

Some of the features of Interspire are

  • Completely browser based
  • Drag & drop layout editor
  • Fully SEO optimized by experts
  • Mobile commerce
  • Min/max order quantity
  • Easy-to-use store control panel
  • Multiple logins with permissions
  • Refunds & store credits
  • Tabs on product pages
  • Sell your products on eBay
  • Amazingly flexible tax system
  • Per-product inventory control
  • 90+ designs included
  • Easily customize your design
  • Agree to terms to checkout
  • Shipping zones & options
  • Sell in multiple currencies
  • Gift wrapping & messages

We agree that the upfront cost is high but this is one shopping cart that will let you grow your business without worrying about customizations to introduce features and functions. Trust us, you will not regret choosing Interspire. Click here for a full list of features

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