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Google Farmer Update Implications

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Farmer update ,rolled out in Feb 2011,is aimed at content farms ie. sites that copy content from other sources. So if you content is not unique then you are affected by this. As for ecommerce sites,if your product descriptions are copied verbatim from wholesalers product catalog you may be in trouble.

Now how can you fix this? By adding user generated reviews and videos that are of use to the target audience. This is
on top of detailed product descriptions. Include latest product or industry news and provide options for users to add
reviews/comments and share with friends.

If you have seen your rankings drop after Feb 2011 and are trying to find out what is going on then Farmer Update is the possible answer. Time to audit your content and make it original/unique,useful/valuable,trustworthy. Need help with auditing and fixing your content? Please feel free to contact us.

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