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How to get more traffic to ecommerce sites?

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One of the obvious ways to get more traffic to an ecommerce site is to add more pages. I hear you ask, how?

The answer is by adding proper categories and sub-categories. In the case of one of our clients we found that the best converting keyword was something “widgets for men”. We found it via a PPC campaign. While the site was ranking for the keyword “widgets” it was not ranking for “widgets for men”. We quickly sub categorized the main category widgets by adding “widgets for men”, “widget for women” etc .

This as you can see added more sensible user centric pages to site as well as improved conversions. We also did link building to the specific page to get it ranked. Needless to say ranking and traffic meant more money!

So there you go, add more pages or proper sub categories to get more traffic to your ecommerce or product based site.

Don’t go for an overdrive keep the end user in mind.

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