7 Key Benefits of m-Commerce for Businesses


What Is Mobile Commerce?

M-Commerce or mobile commerce refers to the process of buying goods and services online through smartphones and tablets. It has increasingly become popular for so many reasons. m-Commerce has completely changed the way eCommerce business owners approach their consumers.

With this rising popularity, most business owners seek eCommerce design services to enter the m-Commerce market to offer their customers quicker and easier access to their brand.

The internet is now filled with all types of online services, such as retail apps, business apps, eCommerce development, etc. Shopping with a mobile phone is a real thing and people love to buy items online by relaxing on their sofas. This comes as an opportunity for m-Commerce sellers to effectively sell their products across a huge market.

What Are The Benefits Of M-Commerce For Businesses?

As the usage of mobile devices is increasing rapidly, the mobile commerce industry is becoming more and more popular. In the coming years, m-Commerce will become a leading method of marketing and selling amongst businesses.

According to research, more than 62% of users worldwide have made a purchase online using their devices in the last six months of 2021. The number of online shoppers is continually rising, so businesses must be ready to adopt a consumer-first approach to maximize profit and get a wider reach.

If you’re a business owner and wondering whether investing in eCommerce design services is right for you, then this article is for you! Here we will discuss how your business can benefit from mobile commerce applications in the long run. So, let’s get going:

1. Better User Experience

Embracing a consumer-first approach can help you boost your conversion rates and revenue. Not to mention, users’ experience matters a lot in the eCommerce industry. Providing a better user experience refers to improving your mobile app so that it becomes easy for users to navigate products and services within the app. Additionally, the customers share their enjoyment of acquired goods with friends or request advice from a community of compulsive shoppers.

In order to accelerate your sales and generate more revenue, your m-Commerce application should be:

  • Fast
  • Convenient
  • Interactive
  • Exclusive

With more people browsing on mobile devices than desktops, having a mobile-friendly website opens a world for your customer potential. Most companies will create a design for desktop first and then convert it to mobile, but while doing so the design will be somewhat mobile-friendly only. To have the best mobile user experience you should create a mobile design first and then the desktop design. Know that Google prefers to rank a mobile-friendly website. So, the more traffic on your website, the higher the sales will be.

Some of the benefits of a mobile-friendly website include:

  • Streamlined experience across devices.
  • Positive ranking signal.
  • Improve mobile conversion rate.
  • Improved user experience.
  • More flexible and cost-effective than app development.

Seeking the best eCommerce development services from a reputable digital marketing agency can help you create better m-Commerce progressive web apps to improve the overall users’ experience.

2. Faster Purchases

Nowadays, having a mobile app/progressive web app rather than having a mobile version of your website has become a necessity. Mobile apps/progressive web apps are 2x faster than mobile websites. For that reason, investing in the right eCommerce design services is a must. Not only will it enhance the user experience, but it will result in faster purchases which thereby increases the overall sales of the product.

3. Get Deeper Analytics

In traditional marketing, your customer will enter the store, make a purchase, and leave. You will get no idea about the customer’s preferences and what factors influenced their purchase.

But this is not the case with m-Commerce applications. It will give deep insights into the users’ data from the moment of product discovery to making payment. You will get valuable knowledge about the purchase intention and the preferences of your targeted audience.

4. Promoted Direct Communication With Customers

Having a physical store is great, but how will you inform the visitors about the seasonal discount you’re offering on your items?

m-Commerce applications allow business owners to directly communicate with their targeted audience through push notifications, email newsletters, or social media.

While ignoring email is common, the same isn’t true for push notifications. Push notifications come with higher open rates (more than 90%) and it is a perfect channel for letting your customers know about the discounts you’re offering on your items.

5. Personalization

With a progressive web app or mobile app, you can reach out to a wider audience easily without running paid ads on social media and other platforms.

If your app is integrated with social media, your audience will do their part in spreading the word, resulting in cost reduction. Ads placed within your website can also help you earn additional revenue. Compared to a physical store, the maintenance, development, and support expenses are lower when it comes to a mobile app. Therefore, for new business owners, it’s high time to invest in the best eCommerce design services rather than paid campaigns.

7. Geolocation

The biggest benefit of using m-Commerce applications is navigating users to the nearest stores in their vicinity via GPS. This shortens the consumer’s time to find a store and make a purchase.

Geolocation works inside stores as well. For example, IKEA’s app allows customers to navigate to the products they need easily. It is the newest mobile commerce trend, and most eCommerce businesses include maps and lists of their products to help customers have the best experience while visiting physical stores.


Mobile commerce trend has become a powerful trend in the eCommerce market and it is predicted to grow even more in the future. Overlooking this trend may result in missing out on valuable opportunities and low conversion rates.

So, are you ready to accelerate your sales with m-Commerce?

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