eCommerce Trends 2022: 5 Ways to Ensure Sales Growth

commerce 2022

In the past few decades, the eCommerce industry has experienced rapid growth and it is now mainstream for people of all ages. As more and more users have shifted towards online shopping, it has become easier for eCommerce store owners to reach out to their targeted audience easily.

According to Shopify, more than 150 million worldwide made their first online purchase during the pandemic. France, Canada, Australia, the UK, and India have experienced a massive boom of online shoppers. Also, more than 6% of consumers from these countries shopped for the first time.

The technological advancements in the recent past have transformed the way people shop and retailers sell their products/services. With a rapid surge of new online shoppers, more and more business owners are prioritizing eCommerce development in India and seeking the best eCommerce design services to enter the mCommerce market.

But how do you stay competitive in the eCommerce industry?

To differentiate yourself and outrank your competitors, it is crucial to stay updated with the modern eCommerce trends in 2022, which are often a result of advancements in technologies and changes in consumer behavior.

With that said, let’s dive into the rising eCommerce trends for 2022:

Trend #1: Mobile Shopping

Mobile shopping is recognized as a slow starter in the eCommerce world. In the past few years, there has been a perception that mobile devices aren’t safe for online purchasing. It is considered less secure than purchasing or storing bank details on PCs or a laptop.

However, the pandemic has proved this perception wrong. In fact, there is a surge in the number of mobile sales. With the rise in e-payment methods and mobile security, more people are now considering mobile purchases than ever. After all, why switch on your computer when they can scroll through multiple products and buy them with a single click through their smartphone.

With that in mind, business owners must consider making their website mobile-friendly. Not only that Google rankings are now heavily dependent on the mobile user experience, so as a business owner please be very sure that you are choosing the right eCommerce development India company where professionals can help you create a mobile-friendly website as per Google Core Web Vitals guidelines.

Trend #2: Artificial Intelligence

Customer service plays a crucial role in boosting sales and building trust among consumers. It is predicted that AI technologies such as Chatbots and Virtual Assistant will be an integral part of customer service in 2022.

But how can it be practically used in the eCommerce industry?

The use of chatbots is one of the best ways to drive sales in this next era of conversational commerce. You can use chatbots to understand the users’ behavior, generate leads, and provide a tremendous customer experience.

Some of the benefits of using chatbots are:

  • Collecting feedback from users
  • Responding to users’ queries
  • Product recommendations
  • Informing about discounts on new items.

With chatbots, you can address thousands of users at once with personalized responses.

Trend #3: Social Media

Social media is showing no signs of slowing down and it is one of the best platforms to drive more sales. More than 40% of users in India make online purchases after discovering the product on social media.

With such a high increase in the usage of social media, it is the right time to invest in social media platforms. You can seek the help of any eCommerce development India company to develop a user-friendly website and then promote it through social media.

To drive more sales from social media, we’d suggest creating a social media strategy, including:

  • Identify goals – Without identifying your eCommerce goals, it would be hard to drive sales and generate revenue.
  • Use the right platform – Let’s say, your audience is more engaging on Facebook than on Instagram, then you must consider promoting your products on Facebook. You can choose the right platform by keeping an eye on your competitors to get a deeper insight into understanding the targeted audience.
  • Consistency is the key – Regular posting and engaging with users on social media is the key to ensuring growth and driving more sales.
  • Track results – Regular monitoring of results is crucial to get a clear insight into what’s working and what’s not. You can make adjustments in your strategy by continually monitoring your social media efforts.

Trend #4: Voice Search For Shopping

According to research, voice-assistant speaker marketing is predicted to reach around $4 billion in 2022. As more than 55% of online users use voice search for shopping, it is safe to assume that this is one of the eCommerce trends for 2022 and beyond.

For eCommerce business owners, this creates an opportunity to leverage the power of voice search to rank for keywords and phrases that perfectly fit their products for voice-search queries.

Trend #5: Personalizing Customer Journey

Personalization is not about providing the products as per customers’ needs. It is about establishing relationships with customers, knowing your customers, and providing them with the best customer experience.

More than 70% of users worldwide prefer to buy products from a site that uses some form of personalization. You can provide a personalized customer journey by using:

  • Triggers – Triggers are the best way to initiate communication with visitors. You can configure personalized messages like a welcome greeting for different types of users, such as first-time buyers, returning visitors, visitors from specific countries, etc.
  • Browsing history – The best way to engage with users is through their browsing history. Based on their previous transactions, you can offer AI-based product recommendations to your customers with the best discounts.


As we have stepped into the year 2022, you need to stay updated with the modern eCommerce trends which come up every year. It will help you stay competitive and outrank your competitors easily.

We are a leading eCommerce development India company where we offer top-notch eCommerce development services to our clients globally. Our experts are highly experienced and they keep themselves updated with the modern trends in the eCommerce industry.

Want to accelerate your eCommerce sales and generate revenue?

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