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5 Things Be Consider While Redesigning Your Ecommerce Website

Today, having an impactful online presence is as essential for a business as having good gear while going mountain climbing. When it comes to ecommerce business, their online presence is the most crucial element that has to be developed, often revisited and revamped as per the changing dynamics of the market. One aspect in this revamping is ecommerce website redesign

In the post-pandemic world, people are used to spending more time online. This has especially changed the way people look at online stores now- they are now a convenience for some or even a habit for others. Thus, changing the design of your website should factor in this new persona of the consumers. A website is not only the landing page for an ecommerce business, but it is also the area of maximum activity- this is the place that will drive your business and get you maximum conversion. 

Here are some elements common in any good ecommerce website:

  • Ease of use
  • Attractive homepage
  • Best-selling products and deals on the homepage
  • Defined structure with effective functionality
  • Simple yet elegant
  • Easy checkout process with all the modes of payments available for the users
  • Hassle-free discount availing facilities
  • Constant calls to action (CTA)
  • No lag time, very fast loading
  • Engaging interface to keep the users hooked on your website
  • Add to cart/ wish listing options at the fingertip
  • Responsive design

While incorporating these elements will take your website up several notches, it has to have the X factor in its design. So, what are some of the most essential factors you should take into consideration while redesigning your ecommerce website? Read on to know more:

1. Primary and secondary factors behind redesigning: While overhauling the design of your website, you should ask yourself that what are the goals behind this ecommerce website redesigning? It could be to generate more traffic, to get better conversion or to simply change the user interface (UI) for better user experience. Once you chalk down these factors, shortlist your primary goals. This will help you in changing the design elements of your website without getting overwhelmed with the complete transformation process. 

2. Backend support is just as important: Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to ecommerce website redesign- a good website has attractive and user-friendly features as well as fortified backend support. With good backend support, you would be able to have a website that does not lag, there would not be any snafus or bugs. This means that your ecommerce website experience would be smooth and proactive for the consumers.

3. Hiring a trusted ecommerce website redesign agency is crucial: Many website designers would offer you different packages for redesign, but a sales-driven ecommerce website redesign service is the one that has innovative approach, good experience and subject matter expertise. With a trusted service provider, you could experiment with your current design and go for the option that suits the most with your goals. While hiring an ecommerce website redesigning agency, you must gauge their understanding of the target audience, your products and overall feel of your business. 

4. Your consumer’s device is your end goal: While designers work on big screens for website redesigning, the most commonly used device for online shopping is a mobile phone. Thus, you should optimize your website’s features for your consumer’s device. Having test runs on various devices (laptops, tablets, big screen desktops, mobile phones, ipads, etc.) will help you in ensuring that your online store website is optimized for all these devices. 

5. Define the categories and their placement: Nothing spoils the design of an ecommerce website like confusing categories or ambiguous hierarchies. While redesigning the website, you should form a blueprint of your categories and put them in filters so that everything is clear and consistent. Do not make the design complex by adding way too many subcategories. The key is to ensure that customers should be able to find the product they need by applying minimum filters. Offering the right path with right products and a good number of options to pick from is crucial for a good ecommerce website.

While ecommerce website redesign can be a tedious and often overwhelming prospect, it pays off in the end. A good website will translate into steady traffic, good word-of-mouth amongst your customer base and growing sales. One more important aspect while redesigning your online store website is to ensure that your customers should want to revisit the site. This means that the design should have elements of familiarity even after constant updates. Also, changing the interface drastically without any concrete reason could backfire. So, keep it simple and functional.


How to Implement an eCommerce Website Redesign to Improve Conversions and Sales?

Several ecommerce businesses often decide to redesign their websites (eCommerce website redesign) to make it user-friendly, easy to navigate or to make them look stunning to website visitors. However, ecommerce websites are often redesigned (eCommerce website redesign) to increase online conversion rates. It is true that ecommerce website redesign can help your businesses to boost conversion rates. 

The average conversion rate of ecommerce websites is estimated to be around 3 percent. This means that it can be quite hard for ecommerce businesses to convert website visitors into customers. That said, if you consider the following tips when redesigning ecommerce sites (eCommerce website redesign), you might be able to increase sales and conversions. 

Ecommerce WordPress Website Redesign Tips For Increasing Conversion Rate 

It is crucial to remember that eCommerce website redesign is not really a simple, quick, or easy process. eCommerce website designers will have to spend a considerable amount of their time and effort on website redesign projects (eCommerce website redesign)

So, you will need to carefully plan and decide what you want to accomplish with the redesigning process(eCommerce website redesign). Here are a few website redesign tips that will help you boost your online conversion rate.

Improve Website Search 

Do you know that website visitors who are using the search bar on your ecommerce website are more likely to convert when compared to others. This is because visitors who are using the search bar will be more interested in making a purchase while other visitors would be browsing simply. 

A recent study revealed that approximately 30 percent of website visitors use website search on average. However, it is important to note that the percentage will be less or more based on where the search bar of your website is located. 

Here are some tips that will help you to optimize the site search experience of website visitors. 

  • Make it center and front
  • Make the search button pop out by changing its color
  • Ensure search results are accurate
  • The auto-complete function must be included
  • The semantic-based search feature must be used 

Optimize Exit Pages 

Exit pages on your websites are pages that visitors exit your website from. You will be able to easily find the exit pages on your website through Google Analytics. However, if you have not yet set up a Google Analytics account, then you should immediately set it up as fast as possible. 

Here are a few simple tips that will help you to properly optimize the exit page on your website. 

  • Update outdated content on the website
  • Fix broken links and other webpage errors
  • Add relevant internal links to website content 
  • Add a CTA 

You don’t have to do all of the above-mentioned things to optimize the exit page. You can choose to do either one or two things that make sense for your business or marketing plan.

Include Live Chat And Display Contact Info 

You will need to earn the trust of your customers if you want them to make purchases from your ecommerce website or online store. One of the simplest ways through which you can establish trust is to display contact information on the front page of your website. 

You should also consider including a live chat feature on the website, as it will help website visitors to easily clear their doubts and concerns. The live chat feature will also make your business look genuine to website visitors. In fact, thirty percent of customers expect the live chat support feature on websites. 

Several businesses have admitted that they were able to witness an increase in their online conversion rates after adding the live chat feature to their website. 

Gamify Your Ecommerce Store 

Gamification can be used as the technique of using video game elements within a non-video game type setting. For instance, several ecommerce stores often add progress bars to show online shoppers how close they are to getting a discount. So, if you are planning to redesign your website or store, it is best to include a few video game elements. 

It is important to realize that adding video game elements on your website will help you to tap into the natural psychology of people. In fact, it might even push people to make purchases in some cases. Here are a few simple but effective ways through which you can gamify your ecommerce store. 

  • Adding a game on the website 
  • Loyalty programs with badges and points
  • Progress bars
  • Rewarding customers with points for site or product reviews

Simplify Your Ecommerce Website 

Most of you would have probably visited websites that are not properly organized or designed. Such websites will have hundreds of different things going on and website visitors will have no clear idea on how to navigate through the website or what they should click on. Websites with such designs will be of no help to businesses these days. 

A recent study indicated that simplicity in website design will help businesses boost sales. Here are a few tips that will help you to make your website a lot more simple. 

  • Reduce categories to help visitors to easily browse through the website
  • Give lesser options to website visitors, especially on the checkout page
  • Include the one-click checkout option
  • Use colorful, obvious, and large CTAs

Final Thoughts 

Redesigning an ecommerce website can be tricky and complicated. That said, you will now be able to easily complete the website redesign process if you consider the above-listed tips. However, if you need help with your website redesign process, it is best to get in touch with an experienced and reliable ecommerce website design company like us. 

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