Everything You Need to Know About a B2B-B2C Hybrid eCommerce


In the past few years, the eCommerce industry has experienced rapid growth, especially during the pandemic. Consumers are now shopping only for products and services more than ever. Research says that more than 95% of shoppers will shop online by 2040.

E-Commerce is becoming more competitive than ever, and the stats say quite a lot about it. As it is becoming more popular day by day, merchants are opting for eCommerce to conduct their business. Also, they seek professional help from a reputable eCommerce design agency to provide their users with the best shopping experience.

Many B2C companies are marketing to businesses, while B2B organizations are embracing direct to consumer (DTC) models. The meltdown of the barrier between the two gives birth to a hybrid eCommerce model.

reputable eCommerce design agency to provide their users with the best shopping experience.

What Is Hybrid eCommerce?

A hybrid eCommerce allows you to manage your B2B and B2C business from a single platform rather than doing it individually on two different platforms.

The hybrid E-Commerce platform allows you to create and manage your account for both B2B and B2C businesses, creating a unique experience for both types of customers. It enables you to scale your business to a greater dimension with ease.

5 Reasons To Choose A Hybrid eCommerce Platform

  • Separate Customer Portals

A hybrid eCommerce offers separate customer portals for B2B and B2C businesses. As a brand, you can gain deeper analytics into customer behavior and spending habits. The separate portals enable you to set the whole sale rate for your B2B customers and retail rate for B2C customers. Also, you will get more accurate information to enhance your marketing strategy customers. Also, you will get more accurate information to enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Bulk Ordering

If you’re taking your B2B business online and still your customers are placing orders through calls, emails, or chats, then there is no point in taking your business online.

With a hybrid eCommerce solution, your customers can easily order bulk items with ease, regardless of the product units. This also allows you to give special discounts to those who opt for bulk orders.


  • Save Time

Using a reliable hybrid eCommerce platform is necessary because it allows you to implement effective marketing campaigns. Let’s say, you’re creating an online store, you need to make it easy for customers to make payments without any hassle. To do that, seeking help from an eCommerce design agency can be your best bet. can be your best bet.

  • Simplified Storage

In a traditional marketing method, you need to handle two different accounts for B2B and B2C businesses. But hybrid eCommerce platforms allow you to deliver products from a single platform to avoid double data entry.

  • Get Access To Strategic Knowledge

A hybrid platform allows business owners to conduct a market study and get deeper analytics into their top-selling products/services.

How To Choose The Right Hybrid eCommerce Platform?

So, you’ve finally decided to go hybrid with your eCommerce marketing strategy. That’s great! But how will you choose the right hybrid eCommerce platform?

There are different variables to consider while choosing the most appropriate platform for eCommerce, especially for the hybrid model. Handling both B2B and B2C together requires the hybrid eCommerce platform to fulfill the criteria for B2B and B2C businesses.

As both B2B and B2C have a distinct set of requirements, you should consider the following factors while picking your hybrid platform:

  • B2B sales are comparatively more than B2C, involving more people.
  • B2B requires bulk ordering and shipping requirements.
  • B2B requires more detailed documentation.
  • B2B and B2C require different product catalogs, pricing, and tax rates.
  • Running both B2B and B2C parallelly requires efficiency to handle bulk traffic and multiple transactions at once.

There are a few hybrid eCommerce platforms you can use to kickstart your journey, including:

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform that allows a brand to easily create separate catalogs for both B2B and B2C businesses. It has multiple built-in features to manage content for both client groups.

2. Shopify

Shopify is one of the simplest tools to manage eCommerce activity for both streams. The UI is simple and user-friendly and focuses on streamlining the processes for both realms.

If you have a small in-house marketing team, then Shopify is the go-to platform to manage your eCommerce activity.

3. Core DNA

Core DNA is the most innovative platform that focuses on delivering a tremendous user experience. It offers a host of tools and plugins that allow business owners to meet their requirements.

The platform offers developers the opportunity to develop eCommerce sites that focus on aligning the strategy with the latest market trends.


Wrapping Up

So, are you ready to kickstart your hybrid eCommerce journey?

The hybrid eCommerce platform you choose should enable you to reach your targeted audience with ease without holding you back. The eCommerce world is growing rapidly, resulting in arising possibilities to accommodate the traditional mode of conducting online business.

We are a leading eCommerce design agency in India where we can help you design an effective eCommerce platform to handle both client groups.

Reach out to us by filling the inquiry form below to kickstart your hybrid eCommerce journey.

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