Google Search Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World

Google Search Plus Your World is introduced as a way to socialize your search results. Ofcourse the data for this comes from Google+

Here are the features

Profiles in Search Brings people’s profiles into the search results so that you can find or locate them easily.

People and Pages – Helps you find and connect with prominent people related to your search term.

What is the significance of Google Search Plus Your World for Businesses?

Google, rigth now, uses general keyword matches to decide what shows up in the personalised results. This means you could rank on top of the search results of a user’s page, in your circle, if you have posted content related to the keyword even if your content only shares a few words in common with the search query.

What does this mean?

This means you need to have more people in your Google+ circle. Will help with brand awareness and funneling of traffic to your site.

Go ahead and build your Google+ circle! Need help? Please do get in touch.

Watch this video to know more

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A thorough professional and a natural leader, Sameer started his career in 1997 as a web designer in Dubai. Thanks to his enthusiasm and adeptness, Sameer transformed himself into a web developer and online marketing expert over a short time. As a goal-oriented leader with a positive outlook, immense experience of over 25 years, and the ability to think outside the box, Sameer is committed to giving his best in whatever he does.

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