Best 6 Intelligent Marketing Analytics Tools for ECommerce Brands

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It is evident that the needs of ecommerce brands will significantly vary when compared to one another. That said, the ecommerce metrics will remain the exact same for all ecommerce brands. This is why several ecommerce platforms and businesses are relying on ecommerce marketing analytics tools to grow their business. 

Marketing metrics that come without any sort of meaningful context will be of no use to businesses. In today’s competitive and fast-growing ecommerce ecosystem, it is crucial for businesses to make full use of data if they want to stay ahead of competitors. They must also design a stunning website by seeking the help of professional ecommerce design services. 

The best thing about ecommerce marketing analytics tools is that they make it possible for businesses to understand their strengths and weaknesses. In addition to that, these handy tools offer valuable insight into the online sales and marketing activities of your business.

Businesses that are using such tools will be able to easily understand trends and measure KPIs in real-time. This will help you gain actionable insights into important activities of your business along with helping you understand what marketing strategies are working for your businesses and what needs to be improved.

Relationship Between Ecommerce and Marketing Analytics 

Ecommerce businesses that want to boost online sales and attract more customers towards their offerings will have to properly analyze and measure customer behavior. Collecting data from various sources and using it to understand customer behavior is sure to help your ecommerce business to succeed, which is where ecommerce marketing analytics tools come into play. 

Best Intelligent Marketing Analytics Tools For Ecommerce 

The percentage of ecommerce businesses that have relied on marketing analytics tools has considerably increased over the years. Several ecommerce brands have finally realized that focusing on ecommerce development or hiring a web designer is not enough, instead they will also need to use ecommerce marketing analytics tools to boost online sales and increase website traffic. 

However, there are several types of ecommerce marketing analytics tools available in the market. The overwhelming number of tools available out there might confuse you. This is why we have listed some of the best intelligent marketing analytics tools for ecommerce that ecommerce businesses should consider using. 

Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and commonly used ecommerce analytics tools. It is an excellent tool that helps businesses by tracking and reporting important metrics like customer acquisition, product performance, sales conversions, customer behaviour, and more. 

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is available to users for free. Ecommerce businesses that are using Google Analytics will be able to create comprehensive audience reports, flow visualization graphics, and customer reports.


Adverity is another excellent tool that is used by more than thousands of ecommerce businesses from all over the world. It is a complete platform that provides a comprehensive dashboard to businesses for helping them track all marketing data. This will in turn help ecommerce businesses to gain a better understanding of their customers. 

The comprehensive dashboard will make it possible for ecommerce businesses to view all KPIs along with offering detailed information about performance in real-time. Adverity also helps businesses to have better control over their marketing budget. 


Another excellent option available to ecommerce businesses that are looking for an intelligent marketing analytics tool is Kissmetrics. It is a comprehensive ecommerce marketing analytics tool that provides detailed analytics to businesses along with an advanced reporting feature. 

Kissmetrics covers all important metrics of ecommerce businesses that include total revenue, total sales, new visitors, average revenue per individual, conversion rate, and more in a customized way.


It is true that the analytics solution, Hotjar, was not designed exclusively for ecommerce businesses. However, it is capable of analyzing metrics that are important for ecommerce businesses. The platform puts great focus on forecasting customer needs, understanding customer behaviour, and ensuring a better customer experience. 

Hotjar comes with an advanced feature called heatmap, which will allow ecommerce businesses to easily identify products, pages, and categories with the highest impressions. 


Woopra concentrates on optimizing and visualizing each and every step in the customer journey. In addition to that, Woopra also helps ecommerce businesses by analyzing sales funnels to prevent the chance of dreaded abandoned carts. 

Woopra offers other valuable insights to customers such as how long it is talking for customers to complete a purchase, where customers are dropping out, and how often customers come back for making new purchases.


Klaviyo is an ideal marketing analytics tool for ecommerce businesses that want to accelerate their growth. The tool enables ecommerce businesses to easily analyze trends and identify new opportunities. 

The primary focus of Klaviyo is on email marketing mainly because ecommerce is related to email automation. Klaviyo automates audience segmentation, analyses email data, and keeps track of email open rates. 

Wrapping Up 

In short, a fine selection of ecommerce marketing analytics tools are available in the market, which can meet unique business requirements. The best analytics solution for your business will be one that is capable of meeting your unique needs. This is why it is best to understand the requirements of your business, as it will help you find the best ecommerce marketing analytics tool that suits your business needs. 

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