Powerful Ways To Boost Your eCommerce Business

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It is evident that the Covid19 pandemic has made a significant impact on the ecommerce industry. The rapid spread of Covid19 resulted in the shutting down of brick and mortar stores. As a result, customers moved to the internet in search of products and services they need. Experts in the field of ecommerce claim that the Covid19 pandemic has resulted in the acceleration of online shopping by nearly 5 years. 

Mobile commerce or m-commerce, which can be described as the process of shopping for products through mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Mobile commerce has gained immense popularity among online shoppers over the last few years and it will continue to do so in coming years. 

Another interesting thing to note is that nearly three out of four customers prefer to shop from their smartphones, as it helps them to save time. Another report by Insider Intelligence claimed that mobile commerce will hit 488 billion dollars in sales by the year 2024. 

Boosting Your Ecommerce Business 

The above stats clearly indicate that ecommerce will continue to grow in the coming years. So, if you really want to boost your ecommerce business, then you will need to come up with a solid ecommerce plan and implement it without any hassles. If you are wondering where to get started, we are here to help you. 

Before we move into the list of tips, you need to remember that your website should have a neat design, which is where an experienced ecommerce web development company can help you. 

Better Customer Service 

Customers should be able to easily get in touch with your business when they have any issues or questions related to your products or if they simply want to know about a new product. So, the first and most important thing you need to do is to make sure that existing and potential customers will be able to easily find and get in touch with your business. 

Automated customer service software solutions like chatbots make it possible for customers to chat with your business without any human interactions. Including chatbots on your website will enable customers to quickly and easily reach you. If you are able to provide an accurate solution or answer, then the customer may end up making a purchase.

Newsletters And Blogs 

Another simple but effective way through which you can boost your woocommerce or ecommerce business is by leveraging content. Several business owners and online marketers make the grave mistake of ignoring the power of content mainly because it doesn’t offer instant results, and takes effort and time. Content marketing is actually a long-term marketing strategy, which works only when consistency and quality are involved. 

It is crucial for ecommerce businesses to understand that writing relevant and engaging content on the blog section of their website will give a massive boost to your organic SEO. However, you will need to draft high-quality content with relevant information that can help your customers. 

Posting either one or two blogs on your website a couple of months is not gonna help you with your organic SEO. You should also remember that posting sales-oriented content is not enough. Instead, you should focus on developing engaging and helpful content that can attract website visitors. 

Likewise, sending monthly or bi-weekly newsletters is also an excellent strategy that ecommerce businesses should consider implementing. Newsletters that cover helpful and educational topics have the ability to capture the attention of customers. 

Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Several online marketers often fail to realize the fact that social media is an excellent ecommerce tool, which can bring better reach for your business. This is why it is best to post content on social media platforms along with sending out newsletters and publishing blogs. 

Popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook can play an integral role in the success of your business. This is because these platforms offer businesses an opportunity to publicize special deals and product promotions, which will help you gain a strong online reputation for your brand. 

However, you should not just post product information and offers on your social media account because it might turn customers off. So, you should focus on generating helpful and genuine information to social media users. 

Google Shopping 

Did you know that Google shopping has started to offer ads to merchants for free? So, if you are not yet taking advantage of Google shopping, then you are missing out on the opportunity to grow your business. Google shopping ads can help ecommerce businesses to present their products to a wider audience. 

The best thing about Google shopping ads is that they are visual, which means that such ads will easily capture the attention of users. You can add a product image, business name, and price with a typical Google shopping advertisement. 

Final Thoughts 

Business owners and marketers that want to boost their ecommerce business should consider implementing the following things for better results. 

  • Use omnichannel marketing
  • Create an email list
  • Come up with a solid email marketing strategy
  • Optimize your ecommerce website or store for mobile devices
  • Try to minimize cart abandonment 

Sameer Mohan - Founder & CEO of NetVenture Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

A thorough professional and a natural leader, Sameer started his career in 1997 as a web designer in Dubai. Thanks to his enthusiasm and adeptness, Sameer transformed himself into a web developer and online marketing expert over a short time. As a goal-oriented leader with a positive outlook, immense experience of over 25 years, and the ability to think outside the box, Sameer is committed to giving his best in whatever he does.

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