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Integrate WordPress Blog Into An Existing Site and Get More Visitors

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One of the obvious ways to increase visitors to a site is to bulk it up with content. When I say bulk it up it doesn’t mean spam. Add top quality content around the products or services like How-To’s, Tips, News etc.

I hear you ask, what is top quality content?

Well, it simply means content that is informative,engaging and ultimately useful to a human visitor. At the same time bear in mind the search engine spiders – at it’s core these are programs deciding where to rank your content based on various factors. Catering to both humans and spiders/programs is often a challenge.
To understand these factors, one of the tutorials which I still recommend is – SEO Tutorial

Once you go through that tutorial you will have a basic but firm understanding of various SEO factors like on-page,off page etc.

Once you have this understanding the site structure and content/page layout could be easily done.

Now if you have an existing site,integrating or adding WordPress to it is one of the easiest ways to bulk up your site. Here is an example
Debt Help and Debt Help Blog

The blog look and feel could be completely customized to go with your existing site. Or as in this case Life Insurance Quotes the entire site itself could be in WordPress making it very easy and flexible to manage and add content.

Are you looking to revamp your existing site to attract more visitors? We could help you add a WordPress Blog Section to articles or migrate your existing site as it is (or with improvements) to make it WordPress based, in other words making easily manageable and powerful.Please get in touch we are happy to help.

Why WordPress ? Why not WordPress? as it is the most popular content management platform with wide echo system of plugins and themes making it possible for us to make it sing and dance to any tune. Plugins like All-In-One-SEO,Easy WP SEO make it easy to handle the SEO factors easily and to a certain extend automatically helping you focus on adding content.

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