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Where ideas, innovation, and hard work coincide in a fun environment


Perks of being a

Netventure is not your typical office. Here, hard work, dedication, sincerity, and professionalism co-exist with fun evenings, team bonding, and cross-cultural camaraderie

Let the good times roll

We all spend a good 8-9 hours at our workplace every day. Doesn’t it make sense to create an atmosphere where friendly conversations go hand in hand with serious discussions, where the work floor sometimes transforms into a dance floor, where colleagues turn party mates as the sun goes down, and where team outings are just another day at work? This is what we mean by letting the good times roll. Working at Netventure is a lot more than just meeting your deadlines and delivering your projects. It’s a place where you find friends forever.

Fun outings and team dinners

We know the fact – teams that bond better, perform better. Our team members are like one big happy family that often heads out for dinners and fun outings. The result – is a coherent force at the workplace that goes the distance for each other to get things done.

Celebrations galore

The best thing about having a cross-cultural team is that you get to celebrate many occasions and festivals together. That’s what we do throughout the year. Be it festive celebrations, birthdays, or work anniversaries, celebrating every small achievement is in our DNA. We celebrate different events with just as much gusto. With miles of smiles all around, happy times are never far away at NetVenture.

Awards and Recognitions

We believe in rewarding and recognizing even the smallest of achievements for our team members. It is our way of telling them that we care, and we really do.

For us, health comes first

There’s a direct connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind. A fitter self is a better self, who can perform to the best of his ability. That’s why we offer premium memberships at the local gym for that iron pumping and cardio. So you can come to work rejuvenated, with your muscles flexing and your mind invigorated.

We take care of your stay as well

The company provides comfortable accommodation for those who need it at our company guesthouse. Equipped with all amenities required for a cozy stay and nestled in a quiet and relaxed neighborhood, our guest house is an inviting place for short stays.



Haripad – An amalgamation of traditional and modern

Dearly called the Town of Temples, Haripad is not your typical small town. While it is quaint, serene, and soaked in its traditions, it also balances it out with some surprisingly modern facilities and amenities, providing a perfect harmony of tradition and modern. It has its own multiplex alongside popular global brands like KFC and more. Be it shopping, our eating, there are options galore. Haripad is a place that gives you ample opportunities to grow professionally while providing an equal amount of time to relax and rejuvenate.

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What’s a typical day at Netventure like?

There are no hard and fast ones at NetVenture. We go with the flow.