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Today’s world operates online. Be it shopping, doing business or searching for local services, digital is the way to go. And this trend only seems to be picking up. Several major online studies have suggested that 22 percent of all global retail shopping will happen via eCommerce by 2023, which is a whopping amount of online business that you stand to lose if you don’t have a scalable, intuitive, well-designed eCommerce Website. For something that drives your business should be handled with the utmost care, which is why every business needs to develop an eCommerce Website as it can prove to be the difference between success and failure.

While a good eCommerce Website design is sure to drive traffic, it is not enough to just get the website developed. A successful and sales-driven website requires intelligent and smart planning and implementation of the right features and backend support to make it apt for your business. And only an experienced eCommerce Website Designer can do that for you. This is where Netventure comes into the picture. We are an expert team of talented eCommerce Website Designers that excels in creating websites that drive sales quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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Why it is important to have a good eCommerce website design

In today’s day and date, when the internet is the place to be for any kind of buying and purchasing, your business must have an eCommerce website that can connect people from around the world to your products and services seamlessly. With a perfectly made eCommerce website, you can tell your customers about your brand and expand your business to every corner of the world. While reaching a large audience through your online retail shop is one of the biggest benefits of an eCommerce website, there are several other advantages that you can utilize to scale up your business.

Studies have shown that customers take less than a second to judge a brand or a business by looking at their eCommerce website design. Many customers, from the first time they visit your eCommerce website, determine the worth and reliability of the company within seconds of looking at the design itself, without even analysing anything else. This means that first impressions are quite important when it comes to an eCommerce website designing company. This statement is made even more important due to the fact that around 90% of these judgments made by customers are only about the web design.

Furthermore, in the present age of eCommerce, if companies keep focusing more on business aspects like marketing campaigns and distribution in comparison to their eCommerce website development, then their sales, revenue as well as business will be negatively affected. This proves why it is important for a company or agency to focus a good portion of their resources and energy on eCommerce website design and development. In the long run, it will prove to be quite advantageous for a business to invest in website design for eCommerce.

A Few Reasons Why Ecommerce Website Design Matters

1- You get to know more about your customers and users

When you have your own eCommerce website, you have your own platform through which your business and brand can connect with consumers (both existing and new). Customers come to your website to know what your business is about, to know what you sell, to browse your products or services or gain information before making a purchase.

On the other hand, while customers gain information about your business through your website, you also glean information about your customers. You can get to know about the different demographics of customers that visit your website, their purchase and browsing behaviour, their locations, etc. On top of that, you can also get information on new customers and the reasons why they didn’t make a purchase despite visiting the product page or adding things to their cart.

This treasure trove of information that businesses gain from their websites not only helps you in optimizing your website with time but also helps you with other aspects like marketing and advertising.

2-Ability to create your own marketing campaigns

In actual brick and mortar shops, only having a shop space is not important, it is necessary to attract customers to that space to drive sales.Similarly, it is important to have an effective marketing strategy to attract and drive customers towards your online pages, including your own eCommerce website.

The benefit here of having your own website is that you are free to run whatever marketing campaign in whatever way to attract customers. Your business is not restricted by the guidelines of other third-party marketplaces.

With a combination of SEO strategies, social media strategies and marketing campaigns, you can drive customers to your website where you can provide them with many different incentives ranging from contests to discounts to make their purchase.

3-Run your own website in your own way

The benefit of eCommerce website designing is that businesses have the ability to create their own websites in their own way along with the fact that that website belongs entirely to them. This gives the company or agency the ability to run their own website in their own way as well as design the site in whatever shape or form they want.

They can positively influence the user experience and customer journeys of whoever visits their site.Furthermore, you can completely customize the website in accordance with your business values and also customize anything and everything from product images, copies, prices, etc.

Your own website gives you the flexibility to optimize your own website to maximize your sales.

4- Build your brand and make it stronger

When businesses use third-party marketplaces, customers dobuy your products, but they do not associate your brand with your products. On the other hand, when businesses have their own site that has been designed by an eCommerce website design and development agency, any and all customers who buy their products from the site will associate the business’s products with the business’s brand. This way, the business will be able to build and establish its brand. On top of this, as the business itself has full control of the website as well as the way the products are delivered, the brand will also be strengthened.

5- Personalized advertising

When you design your own site, you also have the ability to infuse your company’s advertising strategies into the website design. You can advertise your other products on the site itself, and advertise your other side business as well if you have one and more. The user data that you gain from your site can also be used to optimize your advertising strategies.


Now we know the importance of website design for eCommerce as well as a few reasons why eCommerce website designing and development agency matters.

Netventure is an eCommerce website design and development agency that helps businesses in designing and building their own eCommerce website designs as well as eCommerce website development.

To get the benefit of having your own eCommerce website, call us at +91 8281475192 or visit us at

Around the world, 24x7

With amazing buying and paying features, an eCommerce website will open your business to customers from across the world irrespective of their geographical areas or time zones. Not just that, they can make the purchase any time of the day

Better search results

eCommerce websites can be search engine optimized, which means that your website will rank higher in search results, driving more customers to it. This is an easy and quick way of expanding your business beyond boundaries

Increase brand awareness

A good eCommerce website can have a snowballing effect on your business. The higher the traffic, the more will be brand awareness. This way your business can grow exponentially without having to invest too much in its online presence

Easy and pleasant shopping experience

Every customer, who comes to your website is looking to get a hassle-free shopping experience. And a well-designed eCommerce website can provide them that. This way you generate a higher retention rate and ROI


Increase your online business with Netventure’s impeccable eCommerce Website Design solutions

We are a team of expert eCommerce website designers that delivers cutting-edge eCommerce website solutions that will stand the test of time and stay ahead of the competition. We understand that every business is unique and that’s why we approach every project based on its requirements. We believe in providing custom eCommerce solutions rather than depending on easy, ready-to-use templates. And this has been the reason of our success for years. We spend a lot of time planning and research before starting any project and then dedicate ourselves to implementing the right solutions for your business.


Our extensive knowledge in multiple industries, unmatched experience, and fierce adherence to core values has enabled us to understand our clients, address their pain points, and establish an enduring partnership


eCommerce services that we provide:

eCommerce strategy development & consultation

Custom eCommerce
website design

eCommerce website

eCommerce website

eCommerce platform


Better order management

Effective architecture and cloud solutions

Efficient data

At Netventure, we ensure to use the latest, state-of-the-art technology to develop user-friendly and feature-rich eCommerce websites. We also provide continued maintenance and support services so that you never face any issues in your online business. This is what sets up apart from our competitors.

Our eCommerce Website Design solutions are a comprehensive package for eCommerce businesses of all sizes. We provide robust and reliable shopping cart solutions with zero-error order management. Our solutions are scalable and adaptable to the business needs and the websites are developed in such a way that they fit and function seamlessly in all devices and screen sizes. We also ensure that your website has a robust security system so that you can do your business without any security breach.

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So, if you wish to create an eCommerce website that provides an enjoyable and hassle-free shopping experience to your customers, Contact Us for highly reliable, affordable, and sales-driven solutions for all your eCommerce business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions about eCommerce Web Design

India is at the cusp of an ecommerce revolution and so is the standard of eCommerce website development in India. But to make the most of all the advantages of an eCommerce website design, you need to include the right features and functionalities in your eCommerce website design. So, what is an ideal eCommerce website design? Here are a few things that you must include – keep it simple and easy on the eye, create branding that spells authenticity and trustworthiness, and make it easy to navigate for a straightforward and hassle-free shopping experience. Additionally, use the images and other visuals properly as they make for a strong deciding factor, create high-quality and scannable content that is search engine friendly, make your website look professional, and keep the check-out process extremely easy and hassle-free. If you include these essentials in your eCommerce website design, your business will surely see a world of difference.

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