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The Best Multivendor Shopping Cart

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Recently, for a client , we had to hunt for a reasonably priced multi vendor shopping cart. The client had chosen Shopperspress as the solution but it didn’t support multiple vendors and associated features.

Other than multi-vendor features the shopping cart also needed to be PCI Compliant. x-cart scored here.

Some of the key features which were considered were

  • Joint product catalog for all sellers/vendors
  • Separate orders history for each seller/vendor
  • Single checkout area
  • Tax rates, discounts and coupons individual to each seller
  • Unlimited number of sellers/vendors
  • Providers/Sellers can register accounts
  • Unlimited number of isolated provider/seller accounts
  • Sellers/providers can edit only products belonging to them
  • Different providers/sellers can set their own shipping rates for pre-defined shipping methods
  • Admin account is separated from provider/seller accounts
  • Independent tax settings for providers/sellers

Our initial proposal was Interspire Vendor edition but it was ruled out because of price. x-cart is in our opinion is the best out of the box multi-vendor mall or marketplace shopping cart

x-cart’s built-in skins are a bit poor, but that is a small negative compared to the rich set of core features. Look and feel could be easily customized. Also, we had to consolidate the customer invoice into one email instead of customer receiving multiple email invoices from multiple vendors.

If you are wondering who could use a multi-vendor cart here are some scenarios where a cart with such features are required

  • Store selling products from multiple vendors/sellers.
  • A business with several departments.
  • Online distributor/wholesaler.
  • A mall with joint catalog

There you go, if you are looking to buy a multi-vendor shopping cart x-cart will be a good choice and if you are looking for some expert hands to implement x-cart or any shopping cart solution please get in touch.

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